A Dedication to my Mom


Fleurdeliza DeGuzman Dublin April 6th 1936 – April 1st 2013

Beating That Pesky Hunger On A Diet


So, I’m on a diet and it seems that every time I diet I get the urge to eat the exact sugary foods that would ruin my diet.  So I’ve come up with several different ways to fight that urge and I thought I would share them with others in a similar situation. Try not […]

Scientific Study That Marginalizes Religious Children


<Shaking my head>… All I have to say is… nice try.  Here is an abstract of the study that was published in Cognitive Science on July 3rd 2014: In two studies, 5- and 6-year-old children were questioned about the status of the protagonist embedded in three different types of stories. In realistic stories that only […]

Benghazi Panel Trumped By Response to Muslims


This is about the best response to political correctness I have ever see or heard.  Fast forward to 4:10 for the fireworks!

NA Wireless 640-722 Notes #1


NA Wireless 640-722 Notes #1 The three elements that define the 802.11n implementation are: maximal ratio combining spatial multiplexing transmit beam forming The following two statements about WiMAX technology are true: Typically, fixed WiMAX networks have a higher-gain directional antenna installed near the client WiMAX is capable of working as long-range system over several miles […]

CCNP Switch (642-813) #1


CCNP Switch 642-813 Notes #1 Order of traffic types – packet cos priority: (vovint scipn) voice video interactive video streaming call signaling ip routing network management Network resource and resiliency level matching: management level IP SLA responder NTP network level RSTP NSF system level dual power supplies SSO VLAN based verification plan steps: (int-vir-port-prune) verify […]

Cisco Voice (640-461) #9


Cisco Voice (640-461) #9 The following menu path takes you to the CAR report that should be run to determine the length of long distance calls made from a company: Top N > By Duration The Cisco Unity Connection Report Harvester is stopped when the disk space capacity has reached the default at: 80% The […]

Cisco Voice (640-461) #8


Cisco Voice (640-461) #8 The maximum number of lines that’s supported by Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965: 6 lines The Cisco Unified Personal Communicator controls the desk phone of users with: CTI The standard that supports call forwarding is: H.450.3 The type of SIP trunk Cisco Call Back supports is: QSIG enable CSV is the […]

Cisco Voice (640-461) #7


Cisco Voice (640-461) #7 The industry standard method Cisco Unified Presence incorporates for communication between different IM clients is: Jabber XCP The standard protocol utilized for signaling between the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express router and the Cisco Unity Express module is: SIP The following protocol is used between two Cisco IP phones once CUCM […]

Cisco Voice (640-461) #6


Cisco Voice (640-461) #6 The two options that are features in Cisco Unified Presence are: IP Phone Messenger Enterprise Instant Messaging The following are two protocols used by Cisco Unified Presence: SIP/SIMPLE XMPP When deploying Cisco Unified Presence the basic service that can be considered as optional is: Cisco Unified Protocol Extensible Messaging Presence and […]