August 2017

Week 3 Obese To Fit – Day 2

Was feeling good for today’s workout.  I totally forgot to have a salad today so I’m gonna have to set an alarm on my iPhone to eat a salad on workout days.  During my workout I felt that I could do more than what I was capable of doing but I held myself back.  I […]

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Week 3 Obese To Fit – Day 1

I skipped two days before working out again.  Wasn’t feeling good but i just put one foot in front of the other and did the workout anyway.  As for food intake, I kind of pigged out but stuck to my salad on workout days.  Today I have a Greek salad with beef and lamb gyro […]

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$10 Sit-n-Go Results from Aug 25th

Haven’t logged into my account in a while and noticed a positive balance.  So, I went ahead and played a $10 Sit-n-Go which lasted about an hour and a half.  I played pretty conservative and just watch how the others were playing.  I played pretty tight then jammed on it against maniacs.  The table was […]

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Week 2 Obese To Fit – Day 3

I was so tired before the workout but i just kept telling myself it isn’t that hard of a workout.  I made the workout easy enough so i could just tell myself to go through the motions in case I didn’t feel up to it.  Well once you go through the motions it isn’t that […]

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Week 2 Obese To Fit – Day 2

I was actually looking forward to working out today.  Main motivator…?  My pants aren’t feeling as tight as usual – so long as I keep it up.  I had another “bad” salad today but it held me over until dinner.  I’ve noticed that eating salad for lunch doesn’t make me tired like a regular meal […]

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Week 2 Obese To Fit – Day 1

Skipped 2 days before day 3.  I could feel the difference.  I hate skipping days, and it was difficult for me to get up Sunday night at 10pm to go to the gym but I just couldn’t skip 3 days in a row.  I made a decision to skip a max of 2 days due […]

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Week 1 Obese To Fit – Day 2

Okay, so let me clarify these OTF days.  The days that I’m counting are the days that I work out.  You should know that I take a break and skip a day to allow my body to recuperate.  I’ve gone through enough workout cycles to know that if I workout everyday, I end up getting […]

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Stair with number one to five on a blackboard

Week 1 Obese To Fit – Day 1

So, my kids have been telling me how fat I’ve been getting.  Not that I didn’t notice it before, but they are a constant reminder for me to get off my ass.  It wasn’t really their words but more so that I have to be around for them spiritually, mentally, and physically as they continue […]

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First Starcraft2 Match Ever Posted