February 2018


Week 26 Obese To Fit – Day 2

Today was a better workout day.  Going later in the night, around 9-pm, is much less crowded and less distracting.  Seems like there’s a bunch of dudes on the prowl around this time as well… lol.  I’ve slowly been increasing some of the weights but i’m careful not to over do it.  Another workout in […]

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Week 26 Obese To Fit – Day 1

Superbowl Sunday today and I pigged out on steaks and wings and other fatty stuff.  Didn’t feel too guilty since I knew I’d be working of all these calories.  My Patriots lost so it’s a shitty day.  Anyways, one foot in front of the other.  Workout done. OTF – Week 26 Day #1 Food Breakfast […]

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Week 25 Obese To Fit – Day 3

Decided to go to the gym early so I can get home and have more time with the kids…. big mistake.  The gym was so crowded it was such a disappointment.  Machine hopping wasn’t an option either due to douche bags fingering their phones.  Unbelievable.  Anyways, lesson learned and my times have been adjusted.  Another […]

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