AWS CSA Associate Notes

  1. The AMI ID used in an Auto Scaling policy is configured in the Launch Configuration.
  2. You are asked to review a plan that your company has made to create a new application that makes use of SQS, EC2, Auto Scaling, and CloudWatch
    • You should advise your company not to implement the following action items. – Utilize short polling with a wait time of 20 seconds to reduce the number if empty responses from the SQS queue. (Polling executed with a wait time of greater than 0 seconds is called long polling.
  3. When a snapshot is being taken against an EBS volume, the volume becomes unavailable and the instance no longer has the ability to communicate with the EBS volume until the snapshot is complete.
    • False
  4. The following is not a benefit of a decoupled architecture using EC2, Auto Scaling, and SQS
    • An application does not become unavailable due to the deletion of a single SQS queue.  Deletion of an SQS queue used in an application will cause the application to fail.
  5. The following relational database servers are available on Amazon RDS
    • Aurora, MariaDB, MySQL.
  6. Your company requires that all the data on your EBS backed EC2 volumes be encrypted.  You go could about doing this because
    • AWS allows you to encrypt the file system on an EBS volume on EBS volume setup.
  7. It is true that Amazon Auto Scaling is not meant to handle instant load spikes but is built to grow with a gradual increase in usage over a short time period.
  8. It is true that to prevent in-flight tampering, all requests with API keys over REST or Query API should be sent over HTTPS connection.
  9. You recently purchased and deployed four reserved EC2 instances in the US-East-1 region’s Availability Zone 1 for a new project.  Your supervisor just informed you that this project only requires two EC2 instances.  Rather than selling the reserved instances, she asked you to terminate the extra instances and convert two of the on-demand instances already running in Availability Zone 1 to reserved instances.  Can this be done?
    • Yes.  you can terminate the reserved instances and AWS will automatically begin billing the two on-demand instances as reserved instances.
  10. In order to establish a successful site-to-site VPN connection from your on-premise network to the VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), the following needs to be configured inside the VPC
    • A public IP address on the customer gateway for the on-premise network.  When you configure a VPN, you’re configuring it from the VPC and from the on-premise network.  You are taking information (the public IP) from the on-premise network and configuring it inside the VPC.
  11. You own an image manipulation application.  Your users take a picture, upload it to your app, and request filters to be added to the image.  You need to decouple the application so your users are not waiting for the image processing to take place.  How would you go about this? – Use Amazon SQS to store the requests using metadata and JSON in the message, use S3 to store the image, and Auto Scaling to determine when to fire off more worker instances based on queue size.
  12. If your organization is concerned about storing sensitive data in the cloud, you should – Encrypt the file system on an EBS volume using Linux tools, Enable EBS Encryption, Enable S3 Encryption.
  13. You design an application that checks for new items in an S3 bucket once per hour.  If new items exist, a message is added to an SQS queue.  You have several EC2 instances which retrieve messages from the SQS queue, parse the file, and send you an email containing the relevant information from the file.  You upload one test file to the bucket, wait a couple hours and find that you have hundreds of emails from the application.  What is the most likely cause for this volume of email? – Your application does not issue a delete command to the SQS queue after processing the message.  Many instances can poll a single queue, but to keep multiple instances from processing the same SQS message, your application must delete the SQS message after processing it.  While the SQS does not guarantee a message will be processes only once, the same message being processed many time is probably an indication that the message is not being deleted following processing.
  14. Which of the following is not a legitimate concern? – US-East-1 does not support Multi-AZ RDS deployments. – Because US-East-1 does support Multi-AZ RDS deployments.
  15. After building out a new VPC from scratch, you have attached an internet gateway to the only route table within your VPC.  This means all instances currently belong to a public subnet.  While trying to connect to one of these instances over the Internet gateway, you are experiencing connectivity issues preventing any communication from your machine to the instance over the Internet.  After investigating, you notice that the security group has proper permissions and the route table is currently as follows – Change the route table Destination for the IGW to be
  16. Your company has an application that requires access to a NoSQL database.  your IT department has no desire to manage the NoSQL servers.  Which Amazon service provides a fully-managed and highly available NoSQL service? – DynamoDB.
  17. You are designing a global application that takes advantage of multiple regions.  As part of your application, the need to synchronize from one region to another is required to ensure your application is serving the same data when employing latency-based Route53 DNS records.  To ensure this happens, you have determined that using the AWS CLI to sync files from the primary storage servers to S3 is the best method.  How might you implement AWS CLI authentication against the S3 service? – Create an EC2 IAM role and assign it to each EC2 instance that utilizes the AWS CLI to sync the data.
  18. The following statements are true about Amazon S3 – It provides %99.999999999 durability to S3 objects and provides %99.99 availability to S3 objects.
  19. You have 8 instances running on your VPC and all 10 of your users (5 production and 5 development) currently have access to all the instances.  However, you have been told that because 4 of the instances are used for production and 4 are used for development you will need to set up access so that the 5 production people can only access the production servers and the 5 development people can only access the development servers.  Using policies, which of the following would be the best way to accomplish this? – Define the tags on the test and production servers and add a condition to the IAM policy which allows access to specific tags.
  20. Your supervisor asks you to create a highly available, decoupled web application.  Which of the following does NOT help you accomplish this goal? – IAM user credentials on EC2 instances to grant permissions to modify an SQS queue.  – Elastic Load Balancers, Auto Scaling, and SQS can all play a part in a highly available, deoupled web application.  IAM user credentials should not be stored on an EC2 instance.
  21. One of your instances is reporting an unhealthy system status check.  However, this is not something you should have to monitor and repair on your own.  How might you automate the repair of the system status check failure in an AWS environment? – Create CloudWatch metrics that stop and start the instance based off of status check alarms.
  22. Your AWS environment contains several reserved EC instances dedicated to a project that has just been cancelled.  Your supervisor wants to stop incurring charges for these reserved instances immediately and recuperate as much of the reserved instance cost as possible.  What can you do to avoid being charged for them? – Terminate the instances as soon as possible, Sell the reserved instances on the AWS Reserved Instance Marketplace.  – You should terminate the instance to avoid any data transfer charges that the instance might incur if left running and sell the reserved instance in the AWS Reserved Instance Marketplace to recuperate cost.
  23. Which region ID is the US Standard region? – us-east-1
  24. You are working for a startup company that is building an application that receives large amounts of data.  Unfortunately, current funding has left the start-up short on cash and cannot afford to purchase thousands of dollars of storage hardware, and has opted to use AWS.  Which services would you implement in order to store a virtually unlimited amount of data without any effort to scale when demand unexpectedly increases? – Amazon S3, because it provides unlimited amounts of storage data, scales automatically, is highly available, and durable.
  25. Which of the following will occur when an EC2 instance in a VPC with an associated Elastic IP is stopped and started? – All data on the instance-store devices will be lost and the underlying host for the instance can be changed.
  26. Your EC2 instances are configured to run behind an Amazon VPC.  You have assigned two web server instances to an Elastic Load Balancer.  However, the instances and the ELB are not reachable via URL to the elastic load balancer serving the web app data from the EC2 instances.  How might you resolve the issue so that your instances are serving the web app data to the public Internet? – Attach an Internet gateway to the VPC and route it to the subnet.
  27. You’ve been contact by a client who is having connectivity issues on their Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and EC2 instances.  After logging into the environment, you notice that the customer is using four instances that all belong to a subnet with an attached internet gateway.  The instances also belong to the same security group.  However, one of the instances is not able to send or receive traffic like the other three.  After logging into the internal network and investigating, you find that the instance is working as expected and determine it is not an operating system issue.  Which of the following is missing from the environment and is preventing that single instance from connecting?  – The EC2 instance does not have a public IP address associated with it.
  28. If an instance that belongs to an Elastic Load Balancer’s health check fails, what occurs to the instance that fails? – The ELB will de-register the instance and stop sending traffic to the unhealthy instance.
  29. For basic monitoring on AWS, which metrics are not included as part of the basic monitoring package? – Free memory, free swap.
  30. You are building a system to distribute confidential training videos to employees.  Using CloudFront, what method would be used to serve content that is stored in S3, but not publicly accessible from S3 directly?  – Create an Origin Access Identity (OAI) for CloudFront and grant access to the objects in your S3 bucket to that OAI.
  31. Your company is building it’s first deployment on AWS and is concerned about security in the cloud.  There will be a lot of online payment transactions happening once the infrastructure is deployed.  Your security officer has come to you and wants to know whether they should be using the Hardware Security Module (HSM) or AWS Key Management Service (KMS) for encryption.  Which of the following would be the most correct response to give him? – KMS is probably adequate unless additional protection is necessary for some applications and data that are subject to strict contractual or regulatory requirements for managing cryptographic keys, then HSM should be used.
  32. A user needs access to Elastic Load Balancing.  This is the first and possibly only time that they will require this access.  Which of the following choices would be the best way to allow this access? – Delegate access to the ELB using an IAM role.
  33. The following statement is FALSE regarding the role of a Bastion host.  – A Bastion host SHOULD BE on a private subnet and never a public subnet due to security concerns. (False).
  34. In the basic monitoring package for EC2, Amazon CloudWatch provides the following metrics. – Hypervisor visible metrics, such as CPU utilization.
  35. You are asked to evaluate a company’s AWS environment to find ways to reduce cost.  You discover they are running three production web server reserved EC2 instances with EBS-backed root volumes.  These instances have a consistent CPU load of 80%.  Traffic is being distributed to these instances by an Elastic Load Balancer.  They also have production and development Multi-AZ RDS MySQL databases.  What recommendation would you make to reduce cost in this environment without affecting availability of mission-critical systems? – Consider NOT USING Multi-AZ RDS deployment for the development database.  – Multi-AZ RDS database minimize downtime, provide high availability, and reduce performance impact during backups, so they are highly recommended for production systems.  Development systems may be able to get by with a standard RDS deployment, since up-time and performance requirements may be lower in a development environment.
  36. Your web application front end consists of multiple EC2 instances behind and Elastic Load Balancer.  You configured the ELB to perform health checks on these EC2 instances.  If an instance fails to pass health checks, which statement is true?  – The ELB stops sending traffic to the instance that failed its health check.
  37. Currently you’re helping design and architect a highly available application.  After building the initial environment, you’ve found that part of your application doesn’t work correctly until port 443 is added to the security group.  After adding port 443 to the appropriate security group, how much time will it take before the changes are applied and the application begins working correctly? – Changes apply instantly to the security group, and the application shoudl be able to respond to 443 requests.
  38. It is TRUE, that Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service) guarantees delivery of AT LEAST 1 message but cannot guarantee it will not create duplicates.
  39. The URL you would query on an EC2 to find the public AND private IP address of an instance is – http://1699.254.168.254/latest/meta-data.
  40. You create an SQS queue with the default settings for a new application your company is deploying.  While new messages are added o the queue throughout the week, management has indicated that the application which retrieves the messages should only be run during your company’s weekly Sunday evening maintenance window.  It is quickly noticed on Monday morning that several messages were not processed the previous evening and the messages are no longer in the queue.  What is a likely cause for this issue? – The message surpassed the retention period for the queue. – The default message retention period for an SQS queue is four days, so messages older than four days would have been deleted.
  41. The difference between an availability zone and an edge location is – An availability zone is an Amazon resource within an AWS region, whereas an edge location will deliver cached content to the closest location to reduce latency.
  42. You have 5 CloudFormation template.  Each template is for a different application architecture.  These architectures vary between your blog apps and your gaming apps.  What determines the cost of using CloudFormation templates? – CloudFormation does not have a cost but you are charged for the underlying resources it builds.
  43. Your company wants to backup the onsite file server to AWS but does not want to serve the files from S3 to your office network when files need accessed.  Which service and setup would you use to accomplish this task? – Use Amazon Storage Gateway and gateway-stored volumes to store the data locally and asynchronously backup point-in-time snapshots to S3.
  44. While running an EC2 instance, you’ve been storing data on one of the instance’s volumes.  However, to save money you shutdown the instance for the weekend.  The following week, after starting the instance, you notice that all your work has been lost and is no longer available on the EC2 instance.  What might be the cause of this?  – The EC2 instance was using instance store volumes, which are ephemeral and only live for the life of the instance.
  45. An EC2 instance retrieves a message from an SQS queue, begins processing the message, then crashes.  What happens to the message? – When the message visibility timeout expires, the message becomes available for processing by other EC2 instances.
  46. It is TRUE that Data stored on EBS volumes are automatically and redundantly stored in multiple physical volumes in the same availability zone as part of the normal operations of the EBS service at no additional charge.
  47. When reviewing the Auto Scaling events, it is noticed that an application is scaling up and down multiple times within the hour.  What design change could you make to optimize cost while preserving elasticity? – Change the scale down CloudWatch metric to a higher threshold.
  48. When designing an application architecture utilizing EC2 instances and the ELB, to determine the instance size required for your application what questions might be important? – Determining the minimum memory requirements for an application, Determine the required I/O operations.
  49. The KPL is an easy-to-use, highly configurable library that helps you write to an Amazon Kinesis stream.  It acts as an intermediary between your producer application code and the stream’s API actions.  One of its key concepts is aggregation.  Which of the following best describes aggregation as it relates to the KPL? – It refers to the storage of multiple records in a stream’s record and allows customers to increase the number of records sent per API call, which effectively increases producer throughput.
  50. Your company is posting a big article on the front page of your website tomorrow.  It is expected that the demand could potentially overwhelm your infrastructure.  In the event of a load failure, how can you set up DNS failover to a static website? – Use route 53 and the failover option to failover to a static S3 website bucket or CloudFront distribution in the event of an issue.
  51. Your supervisor calls you wanting to know why an SWF workflow you create has not made any progress in the last three weeks.  What is the most likely explanation for the workflow’s behavior? – SWF is awaiting human input from an activity task you assigned to your supervisor.  – SWF task and workflow execution can last up to one year, and can include tasks to be performed by on-premise servers and humans.
  52. You recently purchased hardware to run a decoupled application in your on-premise datacenter.  The application is working great, but has seen an increased workload in recent weeks that makes you concerned that your hardware cannot handle the load.  Your supervisor asks you to analyze the possibility of expanding the application using cloud resources.  You cannot completely migrate the application to AWS because of the investment you have already made in on-premises hardware.  What items will most likely be included in your analysis? – You can leverage SQS to utilize bot on-premises servers and EC2 instances for your decoupled application, You can leverage SWF to utilize bot on-premises servers and EC2 instances for your decoupled application.
  53. You supervisor asks you to create a decoupled application using EC2 instances polling an SQS queue.  Which of the following is not necessary to accomplish this goal? – An Elastic Load Balancer to distribute traffic from EC2 instances to the SQS queue. – While an Elastic Load Balancer is often used to handle incoming web traffic requests in a highly available web application solution, it is not required for a decoupled application’s EC2 instances to poll SQS.  A decoupled application requires that one component of the application can fail without the entire environment failing.  Using multiple EC2 instances that have been launched with a role granting SQS queue permissions and using code to poll an SQS queue allows an EC2 instance to fail, even if it has already begun processing a job because another instance is able to process the job when the message is returned to the queue.
  54.  While implementing a disaster recovery strategy in another region, you are attempting to move the data from one EBS volume to another in a separate region.  What is the best way to do this?  Keep in mind this is not a live production replication copy. – Take a snapshot of the EBS volume and copy it to the desired region.
  55. It is TRUE that Auto Scaling is a tool used for creating elastic and self-healing applications.
  56. By default, is data in S3 encrypted? – No, but it can be when the right API’s are called for SSE.
  57. The following AWS services allow you access to the underlying operating system. – Amazon EMR and Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.
  58. An AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) allows you to – Connect your cloud resources to your own encrypted IPSec VPN connections.
  59. You create an SQS queue and decide to test it ou by creating a simple application which looks for messages in the queue.  When a message is retrieved, the application is supposed to delete the message.  You create three test messages in your SQS queue and discovery that messages 1 and 3 are quickly deleted but message 2 remains in the queue.  What is a possible cause for this behavior? – The order that messages are received in is not guaranteed in SQS and Your application is using short polling.  – Short polling does not query all the servers that the SQS messages can reside on, so multiple queries of the queue may be needed to retrieve all messages in the queue.
  60. Your company is concerned with EBS volume backup on Amazon EC2 and wants to ensure they have proper backups and that the data is durable.   What solution would you implement and why? – Write a cronjob that uses the AWS CLI to take a snapshot of the production EBS volumes.  The data is durable because EBS snapshots are stored on the Amazon S3 storage class.
  61. A colleague would like a new subnet configured in AWS for a database cluster she is building,  She expects that the subnet will never need more than six IP addresses.  Which of the following will likely be the most appropriate choice for this subnet? – A /28 private subnet. – Databases generally do not require public access from the Internet, so a private subnet is likely the better choice from a security perspective.  /28 is the smallest possible subnet in an AWS VPC.
  62. Your company is moving their entire 20TB data warehouse to the cloud.  With your current bandwidth it would take 2 months to transfer the data.  Which services would allow you to quickly get your data into AWS? – Amazon Import/Export.
  63. After building an application that makes use of an Elastic Load Balancer over port 80, you notice that your instances, even though they are healthy as part of the health check, are not serving traffic when you go to the ELB DNS cname.  What might be the cause of this issue? – The ELB security group does not have port 80 open, The EC2 instances security group does not have port 80 open. – Remember that health checks do not have to be performed on port 80.  This is the default, yes, but it can be changed.  So in this case we could have a health check configured on a different port which is why it would be marked as healthy even thought the ELB security group and.or the EC2 instance security group on port 80 could be closed.  Even if this scenario does not sound very likely, it is possible.  AWS like to try and trick the test takers by throwing in scenarios like these.
  64. In AWS, when a request is made, the AWS service decides whether a given request should be allowed or denied.  The distinction between a request being denied or allowed by default and an explicit deny in a policy is important.  Which of the following best describes this distinction? – By default, a request is denied, but this can be overridden by an allow.  In contrast, if a policy explicitly denies a request, that deny can’t be overridden.
  65. Given the following region design, what is the bare minimum for configuring high availability and why?  Two availability zones within a region, az-a and az-b. – Create an ELB that serves traffic to two instances, one instance in each availability zone, and enable cross-zone load balancing on the ELB, then create an Auto Scaling Group, because this applies high availability if a single availability zone is no longer available. –  We need to use Auto Scaling to meet minimum requirements because otherwise, if an availability zone fails and takes an instance down with it the only remaining instance would receive double the amount of requests (it’s original amount, plus what was being distributed to the other instance).  This not only creates a single point of failure, but it can overwhelm that single instance.  Instead, by having an Auto Scaling group, another instance gets automatically created to replaced the unresponsive one and to continue distributing requests between two separate instances.
  66. You are setting up a VPC peering connection with another VPC.  This is the first time that you have done this, and you are not familiar with the limitations and rules.  When reading up on this, you discover that there seems to be a lot of limitations and rules when it comes to VPC peering, which of the following is NOT one of those limitations or rules? – A placement group cannot span peered VPC’s.
  67. Your supervisor asks you to create a decoupled application whose process includes dependencies on EC2 instances and servers located in your company’s on-premises data center.  Which of these are you lease likely to recommend as part of that process? – SQS Polling from an EC2 instance using IAM user credentials. – An EC2 IAM role should be used when deploying EC2 instances to grant permissions rather than storing IAM user credentials in EC2 instances.
  68. To maintain compliance with HIPPA laws, all data being backed up or stored on Amazon S3 needs to be encrypted at rest.  What is the best method for encryption for your data, assuming S3 is being used for storing the healthcare-related data? – Enable SSE on an S3 bucket to make use of AES-256 encryption, Encrypt the data locally using your own encryption keys, then copy the data to Amazon S3 over HTTPS endpoints.
  69. Your AWS environment contains several on-demand EC2 instances dedicated to a project that has just been cancelled.  Your supervisor does not want to incur charges for these on-demand instances, but also does not want to lose the data just yet because there is a chance the project may be revived in the next few days.  What should you do to minimize charges for these instances in the meantime? –  Stop the instances as soon as possible.  – You should not terminate an instance that you may need to place back into production in a few days.  The best way to minimize charges is to stop the instance to avoid any data transfer charges that the instance might incur if left running.
  70. One of your more important clients is a Telecom business who needs to process some real-time data in a distributed manner.  They suggest to you that they think they should use either Amazon SQS or Amazon Kinesis to achieve this and they want you to tell them what would be the difference between the two.  After some research you decide that they should use Kinesis and are trying to put together some reasons for this.  One of the below statements is INCORRECT, regarding this. – Kineses cannot route related data records to the same record processor (as in streaming MapReduce)
  71. Your application’s usage peaks at 90% during the hours of 9AM and 10AM everyday.  All other hours require only 10% of the peak resources.  What is the best way to scale your application so you’re only paying for max resources  during peak hours? – Proactive Cycle Scaling.
  72. You recently purchased four reserved EC2 instances in the US-East-1 region’s Availability Zone 1.  Your supervisor just informed you that she would like the instances distributed equally across US-East-1 region Availability Zones 1 and 2.  Can you use the reserved instances you just purchased to deploy EC2 instances in Availability Zone 2? – Yes, you can migrate the reserved instances without having to sell and repurchase.
  73. Which of the following is not expected behavior from SQS and may indicate a problem with your application? – Messages in JSON format fail to be created in the SQS queue. – JSON is an acceptable message format.  Failure to create a message in JSON format may indicate a permissions issue or the message size may be larger that the 256KB SQS maximum message size.
  74. You manage a web application on EC2 instances.  Your website occasionally experiences brief but large spikes in traffic that cause your EC2 instances’ resources to become overwhelmed and the application to freeze up and lose recently-submitted requests from end users.  You use Auto Scaling to deploy additional resources to handle the load during spikes, but the new instances do not deploy fast enough to prevent the existing application servers from freezing.  Assuming you cannot find the pattern to when these spikes occur, which of the following is likely to provide the most cost-effective solution to avoid losing recently submitted requests? – Use an SQS queue to decouple the application components.  – Because of the infrequency of the spike in traffic, keeping an extra EC2 resources always deployed is not cost-effective.  Pre-warming is a process used when you are anticipating a spike in demand, but in this case the spikes are unpredictable.  The use of an SQS queue allows submitted requests to be retained as messages in the SQS queue until the application resumes normal operation and can process the requests.
  75. You and a colleague create an SQS queue and create several messages in it.  You both test your ability to manually poll the queue by using the command-line API calls.  After testing, you find that your colleague’s polling attempt retrieved messages 1, 3, and 5.  Your polling attempt retrieved messages 4, 6, and 8.  Neither of your attempts retrieved messages 2 or 7.  What is a possible cause for this behavior? – You and your colleague did not see the same messages because of the visibility timeout, and You and your colleague used short polling.  – When a message is retrieved, that message is hidden from other polling attempts until the message is deleted or the visibility timeout expires.  Short polling does not query all the servers that the SQS message can reside on, so multiple queries of the queue may be needed to retrieve all messages in the queue.
  76. Your AWS environment contains several reserved EC2 instances dedicated to a project that has just been cancelled.  Your supervisor would like to recuperate cost for these reserved instances, but also does not want to lose the data just yet in case the project is revived next fiscal year.  What can you do to minimize charges for these instances?  – Take a snapshot of the EBS volumes and terminate the instances, Sell the instances on AWS Reserved Instance Marketplace. – For a reserved instance that will not be needed for a long time (or maybe ever) the best way to recuperate cost is to preserve the instance’s data via snapshot, then sell the reserved instance.  If the instance is required in the future, you can deploy a new instance using an EBS volume built from the snapshot you took of the original volume.
  77. After deciding that, due to strict contractual requirements, the latest AWS VPC that you deploy will need to incorporate AWS CloudHSM as an encryption solution, where within your AWS infrastructure would be the best place to physically locate the HSM appliances and why? – Locating HSM appliances near your EC2 instances decreases network latency, which can improve application performance.
  78. As part of your application architecture requirements, the company you are working for has requested the ability to run analytics against all combined log files from the Elastic Load Balancer.  Which services are used together to collect logs and process log file analysis in an AWS environment? – Amazon S3 for storing ELB log files and Amazon EMR for processing the log files in analysis.
  79. The maximum size of a general SSD EBS volume is 16 TiB.
  80. You are planning on creating an EC2 instance that will create S3 objects and modify CloudWatch alarms.  What is the best way to deploy this instance? – Assign an S3 policy and a CloudWatch policy to a single IAM role.  Assign the IAM role to the instance at deployment time. – EC2 instances should use IAM roles, rather than IAM user credentials, to perform actions on AWS resources.  An EC2 instance can only be assign one role.
  81. Ten students have just been employed by your company for one week and it is your task to provide them with access to AWS, through IAM.  Your supervisor has come to you and said that he wants to be able to track these students as a group, rather than individually.  Because of this he has requested for them to all have the same login ID but completely different passwords.  Which of the following is the best way to achieve this? – It isn’t possible to have the same login ID for multiple IAM users of the same account.
  82. It is FALSE that You can deny the AWS root account to EC2 instances via IAM policy.
  83. Your company has moved a legacy application from an on-premise data center to the cloud.  The legacy application requires a static IP address hard-coded into the backend, which prevents you from deploying the application with high-availability and fault tolerance using the ELB.  Which steps would you take to apply high availability and fault tolerance to this applications? – Ensure that the instance it’s using has an elastic IP address assigned to it.  Write a custom script that pings the health of the instance, and, if the instance stops responding, switches the elastic IP address to a standby instance.
  84. Does S3 provide read-after-write consistency for new objects? – Yes, for all regions.
  85. Your supervisor is upset that a client’s purchase from your website was processed twice.  You find that the order process invloves EC2 instances processing messages from an SQS queue.  What action would you recommend to ensure this does not happen again? – Modify the order process to use SWF. – The only way to ensure that a duplicate will not occur in a process is to use Amazon SWF instead of SQS.  The other options can decrease the chances of duplicates in SQS, but will not eliminate them entirely.
  86. You are a consulting for a company with a limited budget for on-premise hardware.  However, they need to store large amounts of data that is easily accessible through a network share with on-premise employees.  Which AWS solution would you implement for this company? – Configure storage gateway with Gateway-Cached Volumes.  – Gateway-Stored volumes use S3 to backup the data but store locally, which means we’re limited to the amount of space we allocate to the VM.  With the Gateway-Cached volumes, you aren’t limited in that way since you’re storing all of the data on S3 and simply caching frequently-used data locally.
  87. Company B provides an online image recognition service and utilizes SQS to decouple system components for scale-ability.  The SQS consumer’s readers poll the image queue as often as possible to keep end-to-end throughput as high as possible.  However, Company B is realizing that polling in tight loops is burning CPU cycles and increasing costs with empty responses.  How can company B reduce the number of empty responses? – Enable long polling by setting the ReceiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds to a number > 0.
  88. You are a consultant tasked with migrating an on-premise application architecture to AWS.  During your design process you have to give consideration to current on-premise security and determine which security attributes you are responsible for on AWS.  Which of the following does AWS provide for you as part of the shared responsibility model? – Physical network infrastructure.
  89. You manage an application that uses EC2 instances and SQS to process requests from end users.  Your application is working great, but your supervisor is concerned about the cost of the AWS resources it uses.  Which of the following WOULD NOT help address that concern? – Increasing the visibility timeout for messages in the SQS queue.
  90. You are testing an application that uses EC2 instances to poll an SQS queue.  At this stage of testing, you have verified that the EC2 instances can retrieve messages from the queue, but your coworkers are complaining about not being to manually retrieve any messages from the queue from their on-premise workstations.  What is the most likely source of this problem? – Your coworkers may not have permission to the SQS queue.
  91. Your AWS environment contains several reserved EC2 instances dedicated to a project tht has just been cancelled.  Your supervisor would like to recuperate cost for these reserved instances, but also does not want to lose the data just yet in case the project is revived next fiscal year.  What can you do to minimize charges for these instances? – Take snapshots of the EBS volumes and terminate the instances, Sell the instances on the AWS Reserved Instance Marketplace.

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