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Week 40 Obese to Fit

Getting used to the runs.  On days that I don’t feel up to it I still push through.  On the days that I do feel good, I run like a dam gazelle. OTF – Week 40 (May 13 – May 19) Diet Skipped a few meals and it works wonders during the runs.. . but […]

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Week 39 Obese to Fit

No more breaks in between runs.  Just a straight 20 minutes.  Body is still adapting to it. OTF – Week 39 (May 6 – May 12) Diet My body is forcing me to eat healthier, otherwise it take’s it out on me during my run. 🙁 Supplements Old School Labs Vintage Boost (2 pills in the […]

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Week 38 Obese to Fit

Feeling sluggish sometimes but I’m still able to get the workouts in.  Feeling really good after the workouts. OTF – Week 38 (April 29 – May 5) Diet Eating salads and having cheat days at least once a week. Supplements Old School Labs Vintage Boost (2 pills in the morning) Workout Daily seven stretches (10 – 12 […]

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Week 37 Obese to Fit

Not getting much sleep and eating like crap.  Will need to put something in place to help me stick to sleep hours and healthier foods.  You can easily slip up thinking it’s only this one time…  But it will slowly become more and more convenient for you to not eat healthy.  Gotta set some time […]

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Week 36 Obese to Fit

Good workout week.  Lots of healthy eating and got some sweets in as well.  I’ve been going balls to the wall on the last minute of my runs and it seems that I can still sprint pretty good.  Just be sure you get your stretches in so you don’t get injured.  Workouts are feeling a […]

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Week 35 Obese to Fit

Remember to always stay flexible on your routine.  As long as you get your workout in for that day it doesn’t matter the order you do it in.  I know that it’s a habit transitioning from one exercise to another and your routine flows.  But, keep your mind healthy by mixing it up and you […]

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Week 34 Obese to Fit

Great week for working out.  Make sure you eat salad at least twice a week to give you the energy you need for working out.  I’ve been working out a lot earlier than usual.  It’s nice to see daylight while your running.  I find that working out at night may be tranquil but it gets […]

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Weeks 31-33 Obese To Fit

I’ve been so preoccupied with children’s events, emergency room visits, and other daddy duties that I’ve neglected my updates.  Anyways, I will be providing end of week updates of my weekly workouts which is on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday’s.  Despite the hectic activities I’ve still managed to get my workout in.  I don’t think I’ve […]

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Week 31 Obese To Fit – Day 2

Seeing more and more acquaintances from work, church, and the Marines.  They’re all in good company because like attracts like.  The runs are becoming effortless which means it may be time to increase the regiment.  Just taking it a day at a time especially since today is my birthday.  Great birthday workout today and I’m […]

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Week 31 Obese To Fit – Day 1

Early workout means a little crowded.  Semper Gumby.  I think I’ve plateaued and may be increasing the workout soon but I’m being a bit lazy.  I think it’s over due.  The best part of working out is when it’s done. ;-). OTF – Week 31 Day #1 Food Breakfast – Coffee & water Caffeine & […]

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