AWS CSA Professional Notes

You have set up your company in an AWS organization in a hierarchical manner. You now need to move an account from one organization to another organization. How can you do this with as little effort as possible? First, remove the account from your organization and make it a standalone account.  After making the account […]

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AWS Host Static Files on S3

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Pro Notes

You have created a role named InstanceRole and assigned that role to a policy, but you are unable to use that role with an instance – Why? You won’t be able to use that role with an instance unless you also create an instance profile and associate it with that specific role.  When creating IAM […]

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Create an AWS VPC From Scratch


AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Notes

Monitoring for availability and performance What best describes burstable performance for t2.micro instances? Burstable performance gives you a baseline and CPU credits that allow you to burst above this baseline if needed. Which of the following metrics do not get automatically reported to Amazon CloudWatch from Amazon EC2? The amount of memory being used The […]

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AWS CSA Associate Notes

The AMI ID used in an Auto Scaling policy is configured in the Launch Configuration. You are asked to review a plan that your company has made to create a new application that makes use of SQS, EC2, Auto Scaling, and CloudWatch You should advise your company not to implement the following action items. – […]

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