Week 52 Obese to Fit (1 Year Milestone!)

Wow!  It’s been a whole year since I’ve started this quest to live an active and healthy lifestyle.  I love it!  I have a better outlook on life and continue to focus on staying healthy.  I’ve run and worked out three times a week for an entire year.  I have had to take a few […]

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Week 51 Obese to Fit

I continue to make time for running and working out.  At this point it’s just a part of my life now.  I’m not aiming to be an athletic stud but I am aiming to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  A week before my milestone. 🙂 OTF – Week 51 (July 2 – August 4) […]

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Week 50 Obese to Fit

Missing two weeks sets me back about 4 weeks.  Two weeks to catch up and another two for the time lost.  Nevertheless, it is what it is.  Moving forward and putting one foot in front of the other.  I’m being very cautious on my runs and listening to my body a lot more.  Pay attention […]

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Week 49 Obese to Fit

Coming back from the two week medical hiatus.  I got back into the rhythm as though I didn’t even miss a beat.  I did have to push myself just a little since it didn’t come as effortless as usual but still no major hangups. OTF – Week 49 (July 15 – July 21) Diet Starting […]

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Week 47 and 48 Obese to Fit

Well, I guess I have a temporary heart issue.  I was feeling a little pressure in my chest so I got one out of three workouts for the week and skipped another week because of doctors orders.  We’ll see how this affects me after the break. OTF – Week 47 & 48 (July 1 – […]

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Week 46 Obese to Fit

Continue working out.  I know it’s summer and it’s easy to get caught up in summer activites that keep you away from the gym.  Keep up the great work! OTF – Week 46 (June 24 – June 30) Diet Eating salads for lunch and meats for dinner.  I am hydrating as much as I can […]

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Week 37 Obese to Fit

Not getting much sleep and eating like crap.  Will need to put something in place to help me stick to sleep hours and healthier foods.  You can easily slip up thinking it’s only this one time…  But it will slowly become more and more convenient for you to not eat healthy.  Gotta set some time […]

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Week 36 Obese to Fit

Good workout week.  Lots of healthy eating and got some sweets in as well.  I’ve been going balls to the wall on the last minute of my runs and it seems that I can still sprint pretty good.  Just be sure you get your stretches in so you don’t get injured.  Workouts are feeling a […]

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Week 35 Obese to Fit

Remember to always stay flexible on your routine.  As long as you get your workout in for that day it doesn’t matter the order you do it in.  I know that it’s a habit transitioning from one exercise to another and your routine flows.  But, keep your mind healthy by mixing it up and you […]

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Week 34 Obese to Fit

Great week for working out.  Make sure you eat salad at least twice a week to give you the energy you need for working out.  I’ve been working out a lot earlier than usual.  It’s nice to see daylight while your running.  I find that working out at night may be tranquil but it gets […]

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