week 21


Week 21 Obese To Fit – Day 3

Good workout today.  Felt good about the run and the weights afterwards. OTF – Week 21 Day #3 Food Breakfast – Water & coffee Lunch – Noodle soup Carbs Dinner – Pizza Protein & carbs Supplements Old School Labs Vintage Boost (1 x morning & 1 x afternoon) Workout Daily seven stretches (10 – 12 min) […]

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Week 21 Obese To Fit – Day 2

Oh man; The gym was pretty crowded tonight.  The “Resolutioners” have arrived… Oh well, just gotta suck it up for a month and everything will go back to normal. Tip:  Semper Gumby, always be flexible in your routine – What you normally do first and last shouldn’t bother you.  It’s okay to work body parts […]

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Week 21 Obese To Fit – Day 1

Ugh.  New Years Eve.  I was surprised to see the gym packed today.  Must be a lot of people trying to look buff before partying tonight.  Good workout.  Pushed myself for the last workout of the year.  On my 21st week of working out and today marks a milestone of having worked out three times […]

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