Week 1 Obese To Fit – Day 1

Obese to Fit Workout Day 1

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So, my kids have been telling me how fat I’ve been getting.  Not that I didn’t notice it before, but they are a constant reminder for me to get off my ass.  It wasn’t really their words but more so that I have to be around for them spiritually, mentally, and physically as they continue to grow.

I’ve gone through this two year cycle of being fit then fat, then fit then fat again for the past decade since leaving the Marine Corps. .  This time, I’m taking an entirely different approach in my Obese to Fit (OTF) Lifestyle plan.  I’m taking things a step at a time and moving forward incrementally to establish healthy habits that eventually become natural to your day to day living.   I’ve decided to share this part of my life with the world to inspire those who want to be fit.

Starting weight – 232lbs

OTF – Day #1

  • Food
    • Breakfast – Oatmeal
      • Good for feeling full, lowers cholesterol, high in fiber, improves blood sugar
    • Lunch – Vegetable soup
      • Keeping away from fast foods today
    • Dinner – Ribs, rice, and peas
      • Protein, carbs, and veggies
  • Workout
    • Daily seven stretches (10 – 12 min)
      • Neck stretches (1 min)
      • Bicep stretches (1 min each side)
      • Shoulder stretches (1 min each side)
      • Toe touches (1 min)
      • Spread legs shoulder width and touch toes (1 min each side)
      • Lunges stretching both sides (1 min each side)
      • Sitting outer thigh stretches (1 min each side)
    • Run/Walk (23 min)
      • Walk 5 minutes to warm up (5 min)
      • Run for 1 min 5 times with 2 min breaks in between (13 min)
      • Cool down walk for 5 minutes (5 min)
    • Stomach crunches
      • 10 crunches, rest 2 min, 10 more crunches
      • Side stretches (4 count – 10 reps)


  1. Yeah, my kids also push me to burn that belly. The younger one likes to sleep on it as it feels like a soft sofa but I’ve decided to get in shape again. I’ll be following up you in this series. I’ve already read week 1 articles and talked with my wife about the meal plan.

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