Week 1 Obese To Fit – Day 2

Okay, so let me clarify these OTF days.  The days that I’m counting are the days that I work out.  You should know that I take a break and skip a day to allow my body to recuperate.  I’ve gone through enough workout cycles to know that if I workout everyday, I end up getting injured, burned out, and will need a longer time to recover.  The workout days are every other day… please remember that no matter how much you want to push yourself or feel the burn, you will eventually burn out.  As for me, it’s like kindling a flame.  I’m methodically starting a fire and getting to a point where the flame can’t burn out.

I should also tell you that i’m a morning coffee drinker and that coffee and water are basically my breakfast.  Don’t follow that bad habit of mine because coffee is like a diuretic, it will cause you to pee and if you don’t replenish those fluids, it can dehydrate you.  Hence, the water I drink along with it.

I’ve made a conscious decision to eat salads at lunch time.  I can pig out on salad because, hey – it’s salad and it’s high in fiber which means it’ll make you crap.  Replacing a big lunch with a salad can help make you “regular”.  My plan is to pig out on “bad” salad for the first two weeks and taper it down to healthier add-ons.  What I mean by “bad” salad is I cover it with lots of dressing and cheese and other stuff that defeats the purpose of eating salad.  I’m doing this to get my taste buds used to eating greens again.  After two weeks, I’ll move on to healthier salad add-ons like light dressings, lemons, or non at all.

My workout for today was the same as on day one.

OTF – Day #2


  • Breakfast – Coffee and water
    • Coffee is bad but I made up for it by drinking double the amount in water
  • Lunch – “Bad” salad with grilled chicken breast
    • High in fiber but screwed myself with fatty dressing
  • Dinner – Steak sandwich
    • Proteins and carbs


  • Daily seven stretches (10 – 12 min)
    • Neck stretches (1 min)
    • Bicep stretches (1 min each side)
    • Shoulder stretches (1 min each side)
    • Toe touches (1 min)
    • Spread legs shoulder width and touch toes (1 min each side)
    • Lunges stretching both sides (1 min each side)
    • Sitting outer thigh stretches (1 min each side)
  • Run/Walk (23 min)
    • Walk 5 minutes to warm up (5 min)
    • Run for 1 min 5 times with 2 min breaks in between (13 min)
    • Cool down walk for 5 minutes (5 min)
  • Stomach crunches
    • 10 crunches, rest 2 min, 10 more crunches
    • Side stretches (4 count – 10 reps)

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