Week 3 Obese To Fit – Day 2

Was feeling good for today’s workout.  I totally forgot to have a salad today so I’m gonna have to set an alarm on my iPhone to eat a salad on workout days.  During my workout I felt that I could do more than what I was capable of doing but I held myself back.  I want to continue to build up that when the time comes, which is next week.  I’ll be incorporating a light weight routine after the run to start building back up.  Steady and deliberate workouts.

Same workout for week 3 and increase it on week 4.

OTF – Week 3 Day #2


  • Breakfast – Coffee & Water
    • Caffeine
  • Lunch – Chicken nuggets
    • Proteins and fat and other junk that gets put in nuggets
  • Dinner – Del Taco wet burrito
    • Proteins and fat and 3 slivers of avocado


  • Daily seven stretches (10 – 12 min)
    • Neck stretches (1 min)
    • Bicep stretches (1 min each side)
    • Shoulder stretches (1 min each side)
    • Toe touches (1 min)
    • Spread legs shoulder width and touch toes (1 min each side)
    • Lunges stretching both sides (1 min each side)
    • Sitting outer thigh stretches (1 min each side)
  • Run/Walk (30 min)
    • Walk 5 minutes to warm up (5 min)
    • Run for 1 min 8 times with 1.5 min breaks in between (20 min)
    • Cool down walk for 5 minutes (5 min)
  • Stomach crunches
    • 10 x 3 crunches, rest 2 min in between
    • Side stretches (4 count – 10 reps) between crunch sets

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  1. After every workout I go ride my bike for amazing wind to hit me straight. It feels amazing and is a way to reward myself for the workout. And for the amazement of riding bike I work out pretty hard. Fortunately, I’m already in shape. I just wanted to give you my example.

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